Wednesday, May 6, 2020

One of the greatest problems that the world is facing...

One of the greatest problems that the world is facing today is of environmental pollution; because it is increasing rapidly every year and causing serious and lasting damage to the earth. The short story â€Å"A Fable for Tomorrow† by Rachel Carson, describes a small beautiful town in America that later became a terrible town because it was overwhelmed by pollution. In addition, most of the technology that is used in today’s society causes pollution, such as cars, and pesticides. Nevertheless, it is really hard for people to give up on technology since they are really familiar with using it every day, which makes it challenging to give it up. A similar story, â€Å"Our Animal Rites,† by Anna Quindlen shows how nature is harmed because of how humans†¦show more content†¦It has become so challenging for some people to stop using the personal transportation because many people do not like to wait for the public transportation, which is usually very crowded and many people are not very comfortable in it. In today’s world, transportation is highly valued, but there are also associated with growing level of environmental externatilities that causes a variety of serious problems. It is also challenging for people to give up their way of transportation because many people do not like to rely on someone else’s transportation to get somewhere, people like to be independent. In the last few years, modern vehicles have become very important to everyone because everybody has their own vehicles to get from one place to another, so for that reason most people are less likely to use public transportation. In addition, having our own transportation is really beneficial to many people, since people do not want to lose their relaxing life enjoyment, which leads this transportation to harm the environment. Therefore, it is hard to cut the facilities that are used on a daily basis, it will not be easy to live a life by giving up the need for personal transportation. Another reason people are harming the environment is for building the vast highways that is destroying the land which belongs to the animals. In the story â€Å"Our Animal Rites† Quindlen states how people are being

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