Monday, November 18, 2019

Mara Guevarra Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Mara Guevarra - Personal Statement Example I never heard her judge anybody nor heard her complain about any problem. I never saw her cry. I guess that was her strength- the ability to hide her feelings. After two years, Mara got to be separated from her friends. She had to transfer to another school because of financial problems. All the times that we were together, she was not mentioning any problem. I could see in her eyes the sadness, but still, no tears dropped from her eyes and instead she said, "I will miss you guys, I will surely miss my pets." Still cracking joke despite of loneliness and still, trying to cover her emotion. The communication with her friends was constant but it was not like before wherein, she could saw them regularly and talk to them physically anytime she wanted to. She gained new friends on her new school but her friendship to her old friends remained the same. She chose to celebrate with us, her old friends, right after the graduation ceremony. I told her that I was so proud of her. I was not expecting her reply: "No problem can hinder me from achieving my goals. I need to fight and survive because in the end, I know I will always win. "That is such an optimistic and strong remark coming from a person that I once perceived as happy-go-lucky. Mara attended a party where he met Robert. He got Mara's cellular phone number from her friend and he started courting her. At first, Mara did not like him because he is under-graduate. But because of Robert perseverance and everyday sending of flowers, she fell in love with him and decided to accept the love that Robert was offering her. The relationship, at first, was fine. They are getting along and having fun just by doing simple things like watching movies together and spending time talking "anything under the sun." After three months, she discovered Robert's weakness. He loves hanging out with friends just to drink alcohol. Such weakness of him became their problem. They fought every now and then. One night, they had a big fight .She got out of control and she slapped him on his face. Robert being drunk and so angry hit her on her stomach. That was when she finally decided to break up with him. The first round of their story lasted for four years. HER DARKEST MOMENT Mara was so depressed with what happened to their relationship. She tried to forget Robert by having relationship with different guys. Robert on the other hand, was doing his best to win Mara back. Mara resigned from her work and in her new company, she met James. They had a relationship but he was not serious with herand she knew that. They were having premarital sex and unfortunately, Mara got pregnant. James denied being the father of her baby. She was terminated due to immoral act. She did not know where to get money for her needs. Robert was still there waiting for Mara's acceptance. When he found out her condition, he asked Mara to marry him and he will shoulder all the responsibility as his husband and as a father to her

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